Michelyne Haroun is asociate professor in King Faisal University, KSA


A new series of substituted 5-(aryl-alkoxy-benzylidine)-Imidazolidine-2,4-dione derivatives (IVa-f, Va), were designed as selective PPARγ agonists analogous to the reference drug; rosiglitazone(1). The comparative Fit/Dock scores of IVa-f molecules with the PPARγ agonists' hypothesis and the 3D structure of PPARγ receptor, were nearly similar to the reference drug (1); while the designed molecule (Va) have higher scors than 1. The designed molecules were synthesized and evaluated for their anti-hyperglycemic activity on hyperglycemic animal model, where compounds IVa-IVe showed similar or slightly higher antihyperglycemic activity in comparison to 1, whereas compounds IVf and Va gave the highest activity among the designed molecules by 1.2 and 1.3 higher antihyperglycemic activity than rosiglitazone.