Mick Raich is a nationally recognized consultant in the business of pathology and laboratory reimbursement and practice strategy. He founded Vachette Pathology on April 1, 2002. Since then, Vachette has grown into a nationwide consulting and management firm that specializes in working with independent labs, hospital based pathology practices, hospital and health systems and university pathology groups. He has spent his entire thirty-one years of career in healthcare. His experience began in direct patient care, bereavement counseling, and hospital management and progressed into pathology billing sales and management, pathology practice sales and marketing, revenue cycle management and strategic consulting. For the last eleven years he has served as the President and CEO of Vachette Pathology. Vachette Pathology current provides services to over 1,600 pathologists and 60 clients nationwide.


There are numerous changes taking place in the business of pathology and laboratory medicine that will affect the revenue of emerging residents, practicing pathologists and new and established laboratories. The change will dramatically affect the given marketplace and practice dynamics. This presentation will cover the changes in the government and commercial environment and how these changes are affecting the current revenue cycle. We will explore the current business models, the changes over the past several years and the changes being implemented now and in the near future. The presentation will contain real world examples from over 200 pathology practices and laboratories and will contain billing and managed care trends and proposed solutions. We will discuss both private and academic business models, the performance standards necessary to perform accurate billing and a model for determining effective and complete revenue cycle management. At the end of this presentation the attendee will have a complete understanding of the current trends affecting revenue in the pathology and laboratory world and be given solutions to prevent decreasing revenue and proactively manage their revenue cycle.

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