Miguel Rechichi has completed his training in ophthalmology at 28 and his Ph.D. at 32 from Magna Graecia University and Diploma of Specialist Superior in Ophthalmology from University of Lugano (Switzerland). He’s actually a researcher for Magna Graecia University and Director of Corneal and Refractive Surgery service of S. Lucia Eye Clinic, Cosenza, Italy. He was a pioneer of crosslinking clinical application and actually is involved in developing new accelerated cxl protocols for which he’s invited as opinion leader to several meetings.


Prior to the advent of the corneal collagen cross-linking procedure, no conservative treatment for corneal ectasia existed, with 20 percent of keratoconus patients progressing to eventually require penetrating keratoplasty. Crosslinking has not only revolutionized the treatment of ectatic disorders, but has also become a platform technology with numerous additional clinical applications. The speaking will be focues on a comprehensive understanding of the science and clinical applications of corneal cross-linking including the advances in surgical techniques and riboflavin solutions (someone personally proposed and published) that have been derived from the clinical experience. An overview on the evolution of cxl device will be discussed on the light of actual evidence, technology and trends. Finally the discussion will close with a glimpse into the exciting future of corneal cross-linking and cutting edge crosslining technology that will be early present in the market.

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