Mike O Neil

Mike O Neil

President of Integrated Alliances, USA

Title: Mastering LinkedIn for Social Selling and B2B Business Development


Mike O’Neil is a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer, a LinkedIn sales and marketing expert, social media entrepreneur and B2B sales futurist. He has been speaking, training and coaching businesses on these topics for over 10 years. Learn more about Mike at


LinkedIn is the undisputed #1 tool for Business Social Media. Social Selling is all the rage on B2B sales fronts. They can work together to deliver superb results - if done right. Th e key is the right topics and expert-led instruction that layers the learning one step at a time.

Sales professionals understand prospects are already checking them out, deciding who to reach out to. Marketing teams and executives understand the importance of the corporate brand. Even “creatives and techies” have found the key roles they can play. Still, EACH NEEDS SOME EXTRA HELP to get it right and avoid wasted time and costly mistakes.

This ½ day workshop helps these individuals. It takes all that there is to know and filters out the distractions. Then it focuses on social selling to boost sales, increase business development and even enhance career opportunities. The B2B workshopdelivers the perfect mix of LinkedIn and other social selling platforms.

Specifically, the workshop covers

a. The social media business world, social selling and how it all fits together
b. Crafting a compelling LinkedIn Profile to attract the right audience
c. Designing a LinkedIn Company Page that represents the firm and its employees well
d. Optimizing visuals and graphics for use in LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms
e. Building a powerful network that puts you in touch with new prospects and partners
f. Finding and engaging customers, prospects and partners that you seek to work with
g. Creating routines that work for your business AND your personal life
h. Avoiding potential trouble as you get more and more involved

While attendees may bring a laptop or tablet, this is not required to fully experience the workshop. Bring multiple team members so everyone can learn and strategize together. It will be especially helpful upon returning to the office to implement these amazing techniques.

This special program includes 3 ADDED BONUSES:

First, attendees will learn how to create compelling, integrated visuals for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even YouTube. Each will receive special templates that helpin the creation of consistent header graphics for each platform, each fully optimized for both browsers AND mobile devices.

Second, attendees are provided with an on-demand, web-based video program to continue the learning process well beyond the class time itself.

Finally, each attendee will receive a special 1-on-1 post-program consulting call with the instructor so each can get personalized advice and feedback on the attendees LinkedIn and social media presence, initiatives and goals.