Ashraf Mohammadzadeh, Professor of neonatology has completed neonatology at 36 years from Mashhad University of Medical Science, Iran. He is director of neonatal research center in the same university since 2006 and co-chief of neonatal intensive care unit since 1992. He has published 71 papers in local and international journals, 18 chapters of books, 66 supervision of thesis in general medicine, pediatric and neonatology. He participated in 190 national and international congresses as speaker and poster presenter. He has 14 registered clinical trials. He has been member of 62 scientifi c organs in Iran. He has 13 honors in pediatric and neonatology.


Introduction: Preterm newborn are very vulnerable and frequently admit to NICU. Th ey get much invasive painful procedure. Th ese painful stresses have poor outcome in consciousness, stress and irritability. Th ey cause changes in physiology is response such as pulse rate and oxygen saturation, crying duration and behavioral action. Objectives: Th e aim of study was to compare kangaroo mother care and bedding care in response to pain by pulse rate, oxygen saturation, crying duration and NIPS test. Materials & Methods: Forty preterm newborns were randomly divided in two groups. In case group (N=20), baby gets KMC 30 minutes before intervention and control group (N=20) were laid on bed. Two groups compare in pulse rate, oxygen saturation, crying duration and NIPS test. Pulse rate and oxygen saturation were checked two minutes before intervention, during intervention and three minutes aft er intervention. Crying duration was determined by chronometer. Results: Th ere were no signifi cant diff erences between two groups in NIPS test, pulse rate, tachycardia, crying duration before during and post intervention. But increasing in heart rate in case group was signifi cantly lower than control group (p=0.01), oxygen saturation in control group was signifi cantly lower than control group (p=0.008). Conclusion: Increasing heart rate was signifi cant in KMC group and oxygen saturation was lower in this group. Th erefore tolerance of pain in KMC is less painful. Keywords: Preterm neonate, kangaroo mother care, pain-responses, and vaccinate

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