Mohamed El-Far

Mohamed El-Far

University of Mansoura, Egypt

Title: Photodynamic therapy of tumors (PDT)


Mohamed El-Far, professor of Biochemistry, worked in the field of Cancer-PDT for 35+ years, published 80 peer-reviewed reports. He serving on the editorial boards and Hon Editor to three international journals in Cancer science& Research (USA); acts as UNESCO expert in science and technology. Served as visiting professor to University of California ,Utah laser center also Mayo clinic for several years. He is a member of International Photodynamic Association and Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. Selected as expert and consultant for biochemistry in the national committee of suprime council of Universities in Egypt, this is the highest nation honor.


Presentation will address present current state of art of using PDT in the treatment of certain types of cancers, experimentally and clinically. It covers a variety of topics related to the uses,for the first time, natural photosensitizers as tumor localizers in PDT of certain types of tumors, biodistribution and selective in-vivo tumor localization of endogenous porphyrins induced and stimulated by 5-ALA as a developed technique in our laboratories and its clinical applications, synthesis and in-vivo biological evaluation of some newly developed 5-ALA derivatives and porphyrins, the uses of not only laser in PDT of tumors but also halogen lamps as a source of light in tumor PDT, and our clinical application of PDT of tumors in Egypt. We will show mechanism of action of PDT on tumor DNA, lecture will review our potential long term team experience over more than 35 years in this field.