Mohamed Elkabir

Tripoli Medical center

Title: Orofacial malignancy at Tripoli medical center



There has been no sound national cancer registry in Libya in the past and it was all personal initiatives especially in the head and region. The objective is to study the profile of orofacial malignancy of patients seen at TMC over a period of 13 years. Medical record of 454 cases with histologically confirmed malignant condition were obtained and analyzed. 285 cases (63%) where males and 169 (37%) females, oral squamous cell carcinoma seen in 288(63%), verrocus carcinoma 5 (1%), basal cell carcinoma 90 (20%), salivary gland tumors 34 (7.5%), sarcomas 22(5%), lymphoma in 9 (2%), others 7(1.5%) of the cases.

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