Mohamed Saad Hamed Mahmoud is currently a professor of endocrinology and diabetology at faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo Egypt since 2002. Prof. Mohamed Mahmoud has many research works in the field of diabetology as well as endocrinology some of them had been published at regional magazines. Another area of interest is several works done over the effect and benefit of stem cells in the treatment of diabetes and/or some of its complications like peripheral neuropathy. Also, stem cells were tried in the treatment of infertility and sexual inability in males.


25 Male adult patients with impotence and/or infertility were selected to evaluate if there is a local deficiency of testosterone hormone at the testicular tissue or/and the other supportive organs like seminal vesicle or prostate. There was a marked significant reduction of testicular tissue testosterone. Moreover, seminal fluid testosterone levels were also significantly reduced. These parameters were statistically estimated in comparison with both normal men and with the serum levels of the patients themselves. Further assessment is required in order to get more confirmation with the hope to raise local testicular testosterone testicular tissue levels. This may help in better spermatogenesis and/or better sexual potency.

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