Mohammed O Al-Jahdali is the Professor of Ecological Physiology at King Abdulaziz University, Dean of Science & Art College Rabigh campus, Saudi Arabia. He did his PhD from the University of Alabama in 2003 and trained at Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Dauphin Island, AL USA. His research interests are manipulations of environmental parameters on physiological and ecological functions of biota at Rabigh lagoon at the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia.


Lutjanus spp. (Teleostei, Lutjanidae) rarely recorded as hosts of gonad-infecting species of Philometra Costa, 1845 (Nematoda: Philometridae). Here, gravid females of Philometramadai Quiazon, Yoshinaga & Ogawa, 2008 which parasitizes the ovary of the bream Pagrus major (Teleostei, Sparidae) and the only species of the genus described from the Red Sea fishes, is recorded for the first time from the ovary of the one spot snapper fish Lutjanus monostigma (Teleostei, Lutjanidae). Histopathological changes in the ovary of this fish associated with this infection were significant, and may thus affect the reproductive potential and success of the fish.

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