Mohini A. Phanse

Modern College of Pharmacy, India

Title: The docking studies of synthesised compound with potential PPAR-γ agonist activity


Mohini A. Phanse graduated in Bachelor of Pharmacy (2006) and Master of Pharmacy (2008) from Pune University. Currently held the position of Assistant Professor at Modern College of Pharmacy, Pune, Maharashtra (India), since 2008. She is pursuing Ph.D. from J.N.T.U Hyderabad, AP (India). Till date published 16 research papers successfully in National as well as International Journals.


Diabetes mellitus is global public health problem since ancient days. The condition is particularly more severe in developing countries like India where unprecedented economic growth with an unfortunate by-product of that prosperity in the form of diabetes. India now has been in world’s largest diabetic population list, so there is need to find out the proper drug treatment. The docking methods are popular techniques in drug discovery in the identification of new active molecules that bind to a given biological target. Now days it is widely used, reliability of docking methods is limited by the inability to accurately and efficiently model protein flexibility, binding affinity and quantify binding strength. In present work, we had studied several emerging concepts that involve specific binding of synthesized analogs at targeting site including a discussion on the incorporation methodologies