Moin Bubere

Moin Bubere

Islamic Institute of Dawa & Dua, India

Title: Hijamah : Cupping the world’s best medicine


Dr. Moin Bubere born in 1972, has done B.U.M.S in 1994, M.D.(Unani) in 1999 and Ph.D.(Islamic Medicine) in 2004. Awarded with best doctor of India, best young doctor of India, Best clinic and many appreciations. Founder of AlAhad clinic in 1995, Islamic institute of Dawa & Dua in 1997 and many followed the pipeline, Delivered 22 national and 8 international seminar and conference speeches and attended many conferences around the world, presented 414 research papers. He has publications also to his contribution which include Mano salwa, Islamic way of life, Hijamah Cupping- The world’s best medicine and others.


Aim: To prove that Hijamah cupping’s 7 Sunnah point detox whole body and make it toxin free, and cure all complicated major illness (oral presentation)
Method: More than 90 kinds of diseases or symptoms were selected and treated by cupping therapy according to included studies. The top 20 diseases/conditions in which cupping is commonly employed were pain (300 studies), herpes zoster (91 studies), cough & asthma (70 studies), acne (92 studies), common cold (210 studies), urticaria (81 studies), lateral femoral neuritis (61 studies), cervical spondolysis (90 studies), lumbar sprain (19 studies), scapulohumeral periarthritis (17 studies), mastitis (14 studies), facial paralysis (13 studies), baldness(102) headache (13 studies), soft tissue injury (10 studies), arthritis (10 studies), neurodermatitis (10 studies), wound (8 studies), sciatica (7 studies) and myofascitis (6 studies), 264 studies were concerned on other diseases treated by cupping therapy.
Main Result: We found in all illness cupping have miracle cure.
Conclusion: 7sunnah points have tendency to cure all major illness which are still untreatable with modern medicine.

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