Monique Ramsey, Founder of Cosmetic Social Media, has over 20 years in cosmetic surgery marketing. Monique earned the title of Certifi ed Relationship Marketing & Social Media Specialist after graduating in 2009 in the Mentor with Mari Social Media and Relationship Marketing Certifi cation Program. Monique has deep social media knowledge as well as a fl air for producing creative content. Combine this with her 20+ years of experience in plastic surgery marketing and administration, Monique has a depth of knowledge and experience diffi cult to match. Her work has earned her multiple awards for social media excellence, including the prestigious Bernays award


Description: Web 3.0 is about the web getting smarter – taking all the data we’re currently producing and making logical connections with it. As the web adds intelligence and is able to understand context, it will deliver the user more relevant search results. Is your social and online marketing strategy helping you stay relevant in the eyes of the search engines? Th e old adage, “publish or perish” has been tweaked. Now, online content is the new publishing house and you need a steady stream of it to stay relevant. (And we’re not just talking a blog post here and there. Th at’s not enough anymore.) We’ll cover Web 3.0 basics and strategies you can incorporate right now to maximize visibility in this latest iteration of the web.As social media platforms seem to add features on (seemingly) an hourly basis, this course will also give a brief overview of the latest developments in the social media world and how they will impact your social media strategy. Objectives: Participants will learn what diff erentiates Web 3.0 from its previous versions and how to use social media and content marketing in a way that not only connects with existing patients, but also helps new patients fi nd you. Participants will also learn the latest developments on the various social media platforms and how to incorporate them to maximize web presence.