Muppa Lakshman Rao

Muppa Lakshman Rao

Prakasam Engineering College, India

Title: Multipurpose weed removal tool


lakshman Rao is Principal of Prakasam Engineering College ,kandukur A.P. his research interest is advanced agriculture sector tecnology


Around the Globe every sector except agricultural sector by producing heart touching outcomes in all respects including highly affordable and competitive price, crossing the expectations of customers in quality, durability of the product, serving the purposes of end user and providing after sales service stands as a standing example for unimaginary advancements that are happening at a faster rate in the technology. But much to our knowledge a sea of changes we cannot acknowledge in agricultural sector. The reasons one can attribute for low productivity are low utilisation of state of the art technology available in the market and unawareness of farmers. Hence we have designed and fabricated the weed removal tool with mechanical advantage. Farmers are utilising this tool in their fields successfully.

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