Murali Krishna P V has completed his Masters in Orthopedics form the Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, India. He is the consultant at Anekal General Hospital in Bangalore. Has invented many Inventions that will change the way we understand and treat life style disease. He is the director of Longevity Initiative a forum to increase the quantity and quality of Human life. He has published more than 10 papers in reputed journals. His inventions are being patented across the world.


Human walking is a complex phenomenon, analysis of walking utilising the PET CT analysis is a unique research into the functional aspect of each and every muscle group across the body. This is for the first time in the world the gold standard radiology diagnostic methods is used to analyze human walking and walking theory is formed. Glucose uptake is the ultimate function of any cell, muscle being the most active cell of the body utilises the glucose for its activity. Glucose uptake is the basis for tumor marker, a function regularly utilised using PET-CT analysis. Most scrutinized literature was collected from different sources including JBJS, PubMed. Human walking is analyzed using the outcome of this PET-CT analysis of walking as a base, knowledge emanating from the research papers published in various journal regarding the functional aspects of every muscle of the lower limb is utilised in forming this theory of walking. Gait cycle or walking in the present form is so complex and most of the doctors cannot describe. Muscles and bones of the human body form nearly 60% of the body tissues. Human body is so complex and to this day how the body moves forward is not defined. Walking is divided into phases depending on the movement of the body, anatomical aspects of the muscles and bones, origin and insertion of the muscles, their possible role in moving the limb and body is analyzed carefully before coming to the conclusion of walking theory.

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