Murna Urna Bivan Ayuba

University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

Title: Prothrombin time and activated partial thrombin time values among geriatric in National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria


Dangana Amos is a Biomedical Scientist/Public Health Scientist, studied medical laboratory Science from Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma Edo state, Nigeria and graduated with a Degree in Haematology, MPH from Owerri, Imo State University, Nigeria and MSc in Hematology from Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma Edo State, Nigeria. He has a Diploma in Computer from Kaduna state Resource Center, Certificate in Molecular Genetics from John Hopkins University USA, Certificate in Data Analysis. He has attended School of Medical Laboratory Science, Vom Plateau State, Nigeria and graduated with a certificate in Medical Laboratory Assistant. He has about 16 publications in various journals. His interest is in Leukemia and molecular hematology. He is a senior medical laboratory scientist, at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Abuja Nigeria.


Coagulation profile (Prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)) are screening test for Haemostasis. 40 patients consisting of male and female, undergoing surgery at National Hospital Abuja were recruited for this research work, and were screened for PT and APTT. The result shows an increase in the value PT and APTT at one hour of sample collection among the study subjects and decrease in the subsequent hours to the normal value. The result shows an increase in the male compared to the female one even though the increase was not significant, this could raise a concern of a bleeding disorder, severe deficies of factor XII, and factor VII activity and fibrinolysis. This work is aimed at determining the activity of coagulation profiles of older people who are undergoing surgery and it consequences.

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