Myriam Ochart

Myriam Ochart

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Title: Leaderships role in change management



Zippy Lean Workshop (Production Line Simulation) Work shop Description: Learn Lean in 4 Hours to Improve Your Bottom Line! A 4-hour hands-on workshop designed to teach the basic LEAN Manufacturing concepts to a varied audience including executives, managers, and operators. Th e Workshop alternates classroom learning with a realistic factory simulation taking participants through several rounds starting from a traditional manufacturing environment and progressing to a Lean Enterprise environment all along simulating waste elimination and improved fl ow of customer's demand. •Workshop starts with a traditionally chaotic work environment •“Lean in progress“ using teamwork, reduced batch sizes, standardized work, quality at the source, point of use storage, and improved layout and •“Full Lean” is implemented using fl ow, “Kanban”, load balancing, and customer pull systems Workshop keeps track of financial and other metrics from round to round. Workshop participants will learn how simple Lean methods are used to reduce total lead time, improve product quality and customer service while reducing costs and increasing profits
Course Objectives:
Experience and react to the opportunities to eliminate waste. Specifi c focus on the Lean practices includes the Eight Wastes:
•Excess Inventory
•Waiting Time
•Excess Motion
•Non-value Adding Processing
•Underutilized Minds Participants are given measurable ways to reduce inventory, improve waste reduction, product quality, and workfl ow resulting in an improved bottom line for your company. Benefi ts of Workshop:
•Experience the frustrations that create negative effects on company performance
•Recognize opportunities for improvement in product quality and customer service
•Track the improvement impact to fi nancial performance
•Apply and implement Lean concepts and tools that improve your company's bottom line and give you an advantage over competitors
Who May Want to Attend?
Th is Two and Half hour hands-on Lean workshop is designed for Supply Chain, Distribution, and Manufacturing operations teams, business owners, managers, and operators of warehouse facilities, manufacturing plants, and quality teams