Naga Raja Kumari Kallam

Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, India

Title: Novel feed resources for poultry industry: Potentials: Problems & Prospects


K Naga Raja Kumari, is per suing her PhD, completed research work, from Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University in the field of amino acid nutrition in commercial layers. She is Head of the department of Poultry Science, at NTR College of Veterinary Science Gannavaram. She has published more than 15 papers in reputed journals and 58 popular articles. She received gold medal in her P.G studies for securing highest OGPA. She is a member in 3 national and 2 state level scientific associations.


For expression of maximum genetic potential of the birds’ health, management and nutrition plays important role. Among these 70% of the cost of production is due to nutrition. Last 5-6 years there is an increasing demand towards soy and maize, increased import cost and lack of availability in turn increased the cost of production of the feed. To overcome these problems, potentials, and prospects of utilizing alternative feed stuffs in poultry industry has to be focused. Research findings showed that alternative feed resources, particularly novel feed resources, were available and could be safely used in poultry nutrition. Several researches indicated their suitability, a few envisaged the limitations to their effectiveness and some attempted to offer hints on their improvement. Alternative to energy sources like starch roots (Casava, yam) and tubers (potato), protein sources like pulses , nuts and seeds(beans), Animal products like fats and oils and miscellaneous like Molasses, sugars, sugarcane scrapings.etc are to be utilized in routine practices of poultry production without effecting the performance of the birds. Novel alternative feed stuffs like fruits and fruit by products, leafy plants, poultry and animal products, insects and worms, mollusk, miscellaneous like synthetic amino acids, vitamins premix etc are available to formulate the ration. Need of the hour is scientific documentation, maximum and minimum levels of incorporation and creating awareness for immediate adoption by prospective poultry farmers.

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