Nagaraju M

Nagaraju M

Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Warangal

Title: Frequency of ABO blood group and Rh-D factor among the donor population of Warangal


M Nagaraju is an Associate Professor working for Vaagdevi college of Pharmacy and is a Research Scholar of JNTU and Hyderabad pursuing PhD. He published 2 international and 2 national publications, presented 4 papers in international Conferences and guided for 3 M Pharmacy and 9 PharmD students.


Background: ABO is only the blood group system shared by all human populations and frequencies vary very markedly in different geographical and ethnic groups. Moreover, very little information is available regarding the blood group frequencies in Warangal. Considering the scenario we aimed to study the distribution of blood groups prospectively in the donors donating blood to the blood bank of a Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGMH). Materials and methods: Blood units from the donors were collected during January to June, 2012. Serological procedures using anti-A, anti-B and anti-D antisera were carried out in our blood bank to test ABO and Rh blood groupings. The association between source of blood and blood group was tested using Chi-square test and the level of significance was set at probability of 5%. All the calculations were done using IBM SPSS Ver.20. Results: Out of 4405 blood units collected during the study period, 88.1% donors were males. Highest donations (20.2%) were done in the month of March. Mean age of donors is 27.6±8.3 years and average weight is 64.3±15.8 Kilograms. Most frequently occurring blood group is O (44.7%) followed by B (30.1%), A (19.2%) and AB (5.9%) groups. Rh ‘D’-Positive incidence is 95.3%. Rh-D Positive is common to blood group ‘O’ (44.8% of all blood groups ‘O’). There is no association between ABO blood group and Rh status (χ2=1.56, P=0.66). Moreover, source of blood has no influence either on ABO group (χ2=1.75, P=0.626) or Rh status (χ2=0.286, P=0.593).

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