Nelson t. Tubon received his Ph.D. training Clinical Research and Management. His research interest were in Clinical Trials , Clinical Data management and Drug Monitoring. Currently he is teaching University of Santo Tomas as Associate Professor.


At the core of the study of pharmacy management is the question of principle. On what principle or principles does management exists and functions? Why do managers act as they do or sometimes fail to act, as they should? What principles persuade some workers, but not others, to direct themselves toward a management career?The entrepreneurs must be aware of the external environment and the factors that could affect the business, as it is possible for a business to fail due to factors beyond one's control. Accordingly, the owners must evaluate the benefits of having a business against variables, such as demographic variables, enterprise variables, management functions variables, and management style variables.The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of pharmacist entrepreneurs managerial competencies on the performance of the selected independent community pharmacy establishments in metro Manila, Philippines. Thus, this research is devoted to helping tomorrow's entrepreneurs better understand the nature of business and professional management.

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