Nikhil Kumar is President and Founder of ApTSi (Applied Technology Solutions, Inc.). He is responsible for defining corporate strategy, direction and product development, while providing consulting services to key ApTSi clients. Nikhil has led, authored and chaired numerous industry standards (for example he has been co-chair of both Version 1 and 2 of the SOA Reference Architecture standards from the Open Group). He has also presented at numerous conferences, and is extensively published in Enterprise, SOA, Cloud, Security and Information Architecture. Nikhil has also been on the board of organizations such as Henry Ford Health Systems.


In healthcare, data acquisition involves many data sources, ranging from dedicated research labs to clinical sources. The ability to integrate, visualize and transform this data into commonly accessible formats and in a manner that can be shared and used through FDA processes involves sophisticated transformation, mediation, and data quality assessment. It is fundamental to support metadata about the incoming data, including transformation metadata, metadata about data quality and source confidence, and the ability to deal with unstructured data and parlay that into readable information. We believe that this is key in creating the enablers for personalized medicine. In this presentation we review how this is currently done in the industry, including trends in clinical registries and repositories. Nikhil will also expand on lessons learned from building the ApMEDTM platform at ApTSi. We also cover drivers from the practical aspect of the clinical trials process and the preparation of data for customers and the evolving world of virtual clinical trials.