Dr. Nitin Chaube is an Ayurvedic Graduate who has his own clinical unit at Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh state of India and also runs a lifestyle management unit by the same name of Ayushya Varsha Clinic and Café. He is also associated with Northern Coalfields Limited a subsidiary of Coal India a Government of India undertaking on an adhoc. Assignment as an Ayurvedic Doctor. He is armed with a management qualification and in the past been associated with the modern pharma major Glaxo Smithkline with their outsourced unit associated with their competitive and scientific intelligence functions.


The management of Pain, oedema and swelling is an interesting paradox which all medical proffessionals come across often to varying degrees. Sometimes these are co-dependent and sometimes independent conditions, depending on the pathology of occurrence and their effects. Pain is an abstract sign. When intense it usually accompanies swelling; and oedema when mild. Here across a pool of 100 patients having varying degrees of oedema, swelling, heaviness, purulence and stiffness of varying character, alone or in combination with one another was treated with a combination of Curcuma longa (500 mg) extracts + Anana squamosa (125 mg) extracts + Boswellia serrata extracts (200 mg) per dose and their effect was observed clinically. When we consider the Ayurvedic view of swelling it is primarily pittaja with a kaphaja co-existence (in a freshly induced injury resulting in a vitiated Agni and Vayu mahabhoota’s); however in all other latter conditions this translates to either a kapha-vataj or a kaphaj condition with pitta getting self-limited (progressive vitiation of Jal, Vayu and Prithvi mahabhoota’s and regression of agni mahabhoot). The combination evaluated here has anti-inflammatory properties along with Bromelain having anti-oedematic property too following different mechanisms; and hence synergistically they help reduce the above mentioned conditions more effectively than individually. It may be explained that these active ingredients vitiate pitta by different mechanisms, and reduce jal and prithvi mahbhoot’s, whereby the vitiated and trapped vata moves out of the srotas it is blocked in, and hence reduces the oedema , stiffness and other accompanying conditions.

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