Dr Nizamuddin Khan is working as professor in department of Geography at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. Prof Khan completed his Ph.D. from same university in 1988. He has published 09 books published in India as well abroad. He also got 70 papers published in reputed national and international journals. He visited more than 12 countries including U.S.A., Japan, Australia and many countries in Europe for academic purpose. He has teaching and research experience of 20 years and guided several Ph.D and completed 06 major projects on livestock husbandry development in India.


Livestock sector has been improving over the decades in developing countries due t o increasing demand of livestock derived products like milk, meat, eggs and other product on account of increasing urbanization, improvement in disposable income of middle income groups and increasing awareness for nutritive food intake. Livestock intensive commercial farming as dairy farming, poultry farming and aquaculture developed in developing countries like India. Various form of livestock products processing industries i.e. meat and dairy also enhanced in their number. Scaling up and industrialization of this sector also resulted in as a positive economic response to liberalization of agri-business under auspices of World Trade Organization. Livestock sector, cropping system, also demand a large amount of water for rearing small and big ruminants as well as in poultry farms . Production of feedgrains and fodder for feeding them also utilized huge amount of water drawn from either underground reservoirs or available surface water. Water resource, in both livestock production and industrial areas, is contaminated and degraded, consequently, a situation of water crisis emerged. The present deliberation will present an existing scenario of livestock-water utilization and aftermath effect on available water in concerned area with the help of case study specific examples. Measures for sustainable management of water and agriculture would be also recommended.

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