Noemi Csaszar

Noemi Csaszar

Hungarian Association of Hypnosis, Hungary

Title: Tandem Hypnotherapy (THT) as a new method functionedat sensori-motor level


Csaszar Noemi Ph.D., ECP, is the Head of the Education Board of the Hungarian Association of Hypnosis (H.A.H), clinical psychologist, supervisor hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, Head of Psychotherapy Department and Psychosomatic Out-Patient Department at the National Center for Spinal Disorders in Budapest. She is the author of the special issue chapter: Csaszar N., Ganju A., Mirnics Zs., Varga P.P.: Psychosocial Issues In The Cancer Patient.


Tandem Hypnotherapy (THT) designates a group of hypnotic methods which can be eff ectively applied in psychosomatic and mental disorders stemming from early relational traumas. “Tandem” here mean more three people, including the therapist. ‘TANDEM’ herealso means Touch of Ancient and New generations with a Dialogue Experiencing oneness of Minds. Th e techniques of THT have been elaborated by the authors. All the techniques of TH involve more than two persons in the setting, with whom the therapists make an agreement as to undertake hypnosis with the aim of reliving an imagined communication. In the therapeutic setting, touch plays a central role as this can help to resolve the psychopathological outcomes of early relational traumas, because it works at the sensory motor level of perception. Th e lecture presents case studies together with some conceptual issues raised by their analysis. Multi-personal trance, developing in the context of physical closeness, has been found to have the capacity to create an experience of oneness, and a consciousness of oneness, which can have the power to resolve pathological psychological splits, which can have a major role in the genesis of psychosomatic, such us some cardiologic diseases.