Nour Eldaim E Elbadawi

Nour Eldaim E Elbadawi

Alneelain University, Sudan

Title: Demographic data and BMI associated with serum total cholesterol in Sudanese population


Nour Eldaim E Elbadawi, researcher from the Alneelam University, Sudan and doing his research on the Cholestrol.


Background: Serum total cholesterol is believed to have a role in coronary heart disease, which in turn gets affected by many genetic and environmental factors. A number of studies were conducted to investigate the influence of factors such as age, gender, BMI and ethnicity on the level of serum total cholesterol and other lipoproteins. Objective: The current study aimed to explore the effect of gender, age, BMI, ethnicity on the serum total cholesterol levels in healthy Sudanese population. Methodology: Serum of total cholesterol levels were determined spectrophotometerically in randomly selected 660 (36.4% males and 63.6% females) apparently healthy non-smoker Sudanese, aged 27 to 70 years. Results: Mean serum cholesterol levels were lower in study group when compared with internationally set value (200 mg/dl), and no statistically significant difference in the level of total cholesterol between males, as well as among different age groups. Comparison of serum total cholesterol according to the BMI also showed no statistically significant differences. Different ethnic groups showed no statistically significant differences in their level of total cholesterol. Conclusions: It is concluded that current life style of Sudanese population that is characterized by high physical activities, low fats diets and exposure to sun light for long periods, maintains the cholesterol levels within the normal healthy levels. Key words: Serum cholesterol, Age, BMI, Sudanese.