She graduated with maximum score in Chemistry department in 2007 at Niğde University. She holds a master degree in Inorganic Chemistry the Niğde University in Niğde, Turkiye (2009). She has published 3 papers in reputed journals. Currently, she is working as a research assistant at Gazi University and she is a PhD candidate at the Gazi University under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurşen Sarı.


New nanospheres supports based on was prepared and characterized for immobilization of glucose oxidase from Aspergillusniger. Nanoparticles (APS-SalPt(II)) modified (aminomethyl)polystyrene (APS) with 5-methyl salicylaldehyde were synthesized by means of template method and investigated the enzymatic properties of glucose oxidase enzyme (GOx) immobilized on it. Modified poly(styrene) was characterized IR spectra, Gel permeation chromatography and Scanning electron microscopy. Immobilized GOx on to (APS-SalPt(II)) showed one optimum pH and temperature. Kinetic parameters were studied for free GOx and immobilized glucose oxidase optimum at pH= 8.0 and two optimum temperature (30 and 70 oC). Vmax /Km values were calculated from Lineweaver-Burk plots for immobilized GOx to the (APS-SalPt(II) supports, 3.7, 24.9 and 2.6, 14.5 mMmin-1 /mM respectively for 30 and 70oC.

Keywords: Biocatalysis, glucose oxidase, nanospheres attached Pt(II) ion