Okpala Uchechukwu

Okpala Uchechukwu

Department of Physics, Anambra State University, Nigeria.

Title: The Environmental Effects of Flood Disaster in Anambra State.


Okpala Uchechukwu, currently worknig for the Department of Industrial Physics, Anambra State University, Uli, Anambra State


Flood is an overflow of water that submerges or "drowns" land. In this paper, the causes of flood and possible scientific, technological, political, economic and social impacts of flood disaster on the environment a case study of Anambra state have been studied. Researchers have identified Green Houses Gases (GHG) as the cause of global climate change that leads to flooding. The recent flood disaster in Anambra State which caused physical damage to structures, social dislocation, contamination of clean drinking water, spread of water-borne diseases, shortage of crops and food supplies, death of non tolerant tree species, disruption in transportation system, serious economic loss and psychological trauma is a function of climate change. There is need to encourage generation of renewable energy sources, use of less carbon intensive fuels and other energy efficient sources. Carbon capture/ sequestration, proper management of our drainage systems and good maintenance of our dams are good option towards saving the environment