P.Kishore kumar is a research scholar at Pondicherry University. He has attended two international conferences. His main research area is Green Marketing. He has published two papers in national journals.


Global Warming is the biggest problem which the entire world is facing today. The habits and consciousness of people towards environment plays a crucial role in addressing the global warming issue. Customers are unique in their habits and consumption patterns. The present study is conducted to know the environmental consciousness of customers when consuming the resources which may have environmental effect. The study gives the pulse of consumers in the hospitality industry with a special focus into the hotel industry. The discussion and findings in the research assists the organizations in the hotel industry to formulate strategic green planning. The modern organizations sustain in the dynamic business environment with competitive advantage if they integrate green strategic planning into the mission of the organization. The research is conducted by selecting a random sample in twin cities of Hyderabad. The findings of the research can also be useful for further research in the hotel industry. The modern business world is becoming environmental consciousness and hence this study gives critical knowledge on how modern customers are environmental consciousness.