Paul Bienfang

Paul Bienfang

University of Hawaii, USA

Title: Ciguatera: Past, present and future


Paul Bienfang received his PhD from the University of Hawaii and has conducted microbial, environmental, and aquacultural research within the Hawaiian Archipelago since 1970. He was previously Research Director for an applied oceanographic and aquacultural research institute in Hawaii, and Sr. VP for a marine bio-tech company in aquaculture. For the past decade, he has led the ciguatera research component at the UH Center for Oceans and Human Health.


This presentation reviews the historical context of ciguatera fish poisoning throughout the world, and discuss the societal, economic, health and cultural impacts attributable to this malady. Reasons for the pervasiveness of ciguatera poisonings and slow progress in its resolution are addressed. The talk will present some recent research findings performed within the Hawaiian Archipelago regarding carnivorous fish, turtles, marine mammals, and biomagnification within a tropical foodweb. The overview will discusses future prospective for this important malady that are expected to be associated with anticipated climate changes.

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