POONGOTHAI is Currently working as consultant for IP Markets, Hyderabad. She carries around 14 years of experience which includes both academia and Industry. Her academic qualification includes, Masters in Human Genetics from Andhra University, Vizag and doctoral degree in Cancer Genetics pertaining to hematological malignancies, with special emphasis to Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. A recipient of UICC, ICRETT fellowship to carry out part of my Ph.D work at Institute of of Molecular Medicine, Sir John Radcliff Hospital, IMM, OXFORD, UK, under the mentorship of Dr.Lyndal Kearney. Also, she was a recipient of CSIR and ICMR fellowships for Post doctoral Research at Osmania University and Centre for DNA Finger Printing and Diagnostics (CDFD).Presently she is also pursuing PG diploma in Patent Law with NALSAR, Hyderabad.


Patenting is translating of intangible assets to tangible and is considered to be one of the prime off shoots of intellectual property rights (IPR). In today's fast changing technological world, IPR plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the innovations through patenting system and special emphasis is drawn towards the Pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. The title speaks about the patenting system in the present context and its limited monopoly to the innovators through compulsory licensing in order to safeguard the most challenging and burning healthcare issues of the developing countries pertaining to infectious disease like HIV-AIDS and life threatening malignant disease like cancer. On the other hand, it also speaks about by citing various examples, that the innovations (R&D) are not in any way be hampered due to its continuous demand and ever growing need for the thrust for exploration among the medical community for betterment of mankind at large.

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