Prapapun Chucharoen

Prapapun Chucharoen

Mahidol University, Thailand

Title: Mother Networking in Drug rehabilitation


Dr. Prapapun have completed Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the age of 38 years from Mahidol University. I am the director of Master of Arts program in Addiction Studies, ASEAN Institute for Health Development, Mahidol University, Thailand. This is the only Master Program in addiction studies in Southeast Asia. Our program aimed to create social leader/ practitioner in the field of addiction studies. Those who graduate from the program will be capable of practicing as well as conducting research in this discipline in order to support the social environment of a country with respect to the prevention and alleviation of narcotics and others addiction problems. The therapy and rehabilitation of addicts is also included in the curriculum. I have published more than 25 papers in journals and serving as an editorial board member of Journal of Public Health and Development Thailand.


No single treatment is appropriate for all. Drug addiction is a complex illness. The treatment needs holistic approach. After care treatment is important. Beside process of follow up encourage and motivate the patient to achieve and maintain abstinence. This study is participatory action research for set up the mother networking in drug rehabilitation program. We aimed to studies technique of emotion regulation via family support. The sample was composed of 80 families who have addict patient and attended the rehabilitation processed. Family involvement and mother participate in program were volunteers. Intervention started by orientation and training participants. Training also focused on how to monitor the activities of the project. Motivate and counseling informed intervention. Emotion regulation provided information and opportunities. The results showed that emotion regulation increased over time to rehabilitation stage. The results also revealed that parents, family members, and neighbors increase emotion regulation significantly. Moreover, the family relationship is increase happily warmed, and skill of parenting is increase significantly. In addition, the finding indicated that patients have high level of expectation in life and strong preventive drug relapse.