Dr. Qi Lin obtained her Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is a senior analytical scientist at Abbott Nutrition R&D specialized in the compositional analysis of nutritional products. She develops methods for testing of functional ingredients in milk based nutritional products. Dr. Lin has 4 year experience in analysis of ingredients and additives in various food matrices.


Phoshpatidylserine (PS) has received interest for its benefit in improving cognitive abilities and behaviors. A new method for determining PS in milk based nutritional products has been developed. The method requires a quick and simple sample preparation procedure, followed by the high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fluorescence detection (FLD) with an on-line FMOC ([(9-Fluorenylmethyl) oxy] carbonyl) derivatization. The method allows PS to be determined in raw materials, milk powder and liquid milk products. The day-to-day (n=3 days) average recovery of over spike-in at 100% fortification level was 100%, and the method quantification limit is at a level of 40 mg per Kg milk powder.