Qin Shu Shao is a Professor of Surgery, Chief Physician, and Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery of Zhejiang Provinical People’s Hospital. He has published morn than fi fty articles in important national journals, 8 articles in SCI. He is a Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provinical Surgery Branch of Chinese Medical Association, a member of the National gastric Professional Committee of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, a Professional Committee of hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors surgery of Zhejiang Province and in magazine editorial of “Chinese Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery” and “Chinese Journal of Digestive Surgery”.


This lecture will address a variety of topics related to the use of middle gastrectomy with regional lymph node resection as a new therapeutics in early gastric cancer in the middle one-third of the stomach. and will include discussion of: the therapeutics for gastric cancer in recent years; compare the advantage and disadvantage of these therapeutics; compare the diff erence of surgery time, lymph node resection, aerating time, hospitalization time postoperation, feed aft er 3 months and Visick graded index between group A (middle gastrectomy with regional lymph node resection), B(total gastrectomy with D1 lymph node resection) and C (endoscopic mucosal resection). We found that middle gastrectomy with regional lymph node resection in early gastric cancer will not increase the risk and time of surgery, and it can reduce the risk of lymph node migrating, complication related to surgery, and improve the quality of life.