R K Tanwar

R K Tanwar

Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, India

Title: Brucellosis in cattle & buffaloes in and around Bikaner, Rajasthan, India


Biography R K Tanwar completed his PhD in Veterinary Medicine at the age of 39 years from Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana. He served as Director of Clinics in Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner, Rajasthan. He also served as Head of Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner. He has published more than 140 papers in reputed Indian and Foreign Journals and serving as executive editor of Journal of Veterinary Practitioner and Journal of “Camel Practice and Research”. He is also co-author of the book entitled “Veterinary Jurisprudence”


Cattle and buffaloes are valuable and prestigious component of rural house hold having great socio-economic importance. Brucellosis is endemic throughout India.
Economic losses are considerable in India. There is no organised and effective Brucellosis control program. Plans for a large scale control programme, including calf hood vaccination are underway. A major constraint of a control programme is that slaughter of cows is banned in India and the segregation of seropositive cows until their death will therefore be necessary but very costly. Blood samples were collected from 200 cattle and 200 buffaloes eachfor seroprevalencestudies. Brucellareactors were determined by using Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT) and Avidin-Biotin Enzyme Linked ImmunosorbentAssay (A-B ELISA). Out of 200 serum samples of cattle examined 29 and 38 samples showed seropositivity with RBPT and Avidin-Biotin ELISA, respectively. Maximum seroprevalance was found with Avidin-Biotin ELISA (19 per cent), followed by RBPT(14.5 per cent).
Likewise blood samples of 200 buffaloes were also collected for seroprevalence studies for brucellosis.
Out of 200 serum samples of buffaloes screened for brucellosis, 15% of buffaloes were found positive for brucellosis by Avidin-Biotin Enzyme Linked immunosorbant assay (A-B ELISA) followed by RBPT (9.0%). Prevalence of brucellosis was higher in cattle than buffaloes.
The results of the present investigation indicated that A-BELISA is more efficient in detecting the brucellosis as compared to RBPT.

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