R Scott Graham

R Scott Graham

BHealth Management, USA

Title: Healthcare knowledge management and decision support


R Scott Graham in 1983 was named Chief Executive Officer of ReVisions, Inc. in Catonsville, Maryland. In April of 2004, he was appointed the CEO of Family Service Foundation, headquartered in Landover Hills. After a years service as CEO at Valley HealthCare Center in Morgantown, WV, he joined Criterion Healthcare, Inc., a nationally renowned healthcare consulting firm. He has served as the Director of Quality Improvement for Riverside Health, Inc., a start-up, Medicaid Managed Care Company in Maryland and has been affiliated with PowderHorn Consulting since 2013. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters ranging in content from vocational rehabilitation services for people with psychiatric disabilities to marketing in a non-profit setting. He is a co-author of a recently released management book, The No Money Manager and the author of Principled Leadership: A Training Guide. He has served as President of the Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland and of the International Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, now known as the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. He has an MA in Counseling Psychology and an MBA from the University of Baltimore.


The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its various requirements for technology enhancements for providers as well as the swell of covered lives in the United States, because of the law, places significant obligations and efforts, but significant opportunities, as well, on healthcare providers in this country. The presenter will discuss the demands of, not only the ACA, but of the current healthcare environment, to collect, analyze and utilize healthcare data to improve healthcare and management decision-making. The presenter will discuss state-of-the art technologies currently available to collect and analyze patient, treatment and outcome data but also suggest ways that data can be disseminated in order to make collective assessments for continuous quality improvement. The presenter will also provide a forecast of what technologies might be available in the future to facilitate knowledge management and decision support.

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