Rachid Aboukhalid

Rachid Aboukhalid

Genome Biotechnologies, Morocco

Title: Human uni-parentally markers analysis from samples of the Moroccan population


Aboukhalid R, I received Ph.D. in molecular biology and forensic genetics from Mohammed V - Agdal University in 2013. Im principal investigator at forensic genetic unit at the same university and my research relates primarily to forensic genetics on human uni-parental markers (Y-chromosome - mitochondrial DNA) and human evolutionary genetic. I was a visitor scientist at Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL, Rockville, MD, USA) during my Fulbright scholarship in 2008 for one year. I'm currently field application scientist at GENOME Biotechnologies on Human Identification and molecular biology. I regularly give lectures and invited talks in conferences and training workshops to graduate students, colleagues, and professionals.


Bi-parentally inherited short tandem repeat polymorphisms have been routinely used in human identity testing for about 30 years. More recently, the analysis of uni-parentally inherited markers from the human Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA was introduced for special applications of DNA-based human identification. This communication provides results on uni-parental markers (mtDNA control region, 17 Y-STRs, and 22 biallelic Y SNPs) from various Moroccan population groups (Arab speaking, Berber Speaking, and Sahrawi speaking).

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