Rajan Subedi has completed his Master's Degree in Science (B.Sc.-Geophysics ) from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal (2009) and B.Sc. from Tribhuvan University, Amrit Science College(2006). Currently he is the Head of Department of Physics in TU, Ishwari Higher secondary School and College, Banke, Nepal from 3rd March 2010 to date. He has been involving for national and international conferences, symposiums, seminars workshops etc since five years.He has published more than a dozen of research papers and abstracts.


This study examines the various sources of groundwater contamination in Taulihawa Valley, located at western Region of Nepal. The matter in which both domestic and industrial wastes are deposited in the streets, river courses, buries, burnt and in refuse dumps forms the interest for which this study is being carried out. The hydro-geological setting plays a role in determining the degree to which a disposed waste can alter groundwater quality. it was discovered from survey that groundwater in Taulihawa Valley get contaminated from disposed waste on land, particulate matter from airborne sources, septic tanks and privies, sanitary landfills, infiltration of polluted surface water, waste disposal in excavations, graveyards and organic waste. Recommendation is made to remedy the situation, which include among others the recycling of waste, the deepening of groundwater exploration, encouraging proper water analysis and provision of conducive working environment. There must be a crucial role should be adopted to mitigate the ground water contamination and its quality.

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