Rajani Vadthya has completed her Post Graduation in Aquaculture, at the age of 22 years from Kerala University of Fisheries and Oceanographic Science and Technology, Cochin. And worked for the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission as a Gazzetted officer for the Department Fisheries, At present working as a Scientist/ Asst. Professor for Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Hyderabad. She has also attended 10th AFAF (Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum) & 4th International Conference on Cage Aquaculture, Based on the Theme “Blue waters – Green fisheries), organized at Yeosu, South Korea, 2013. She has also delivered papers on Biodiversity and conservation.


Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms; In India the Telangana possesses many inland water-bodies; make critical contribution to development in the area of employment, fish production; food security, nutrition, often being the cheapest form of animal protein for the poor; trade & export. Most of the water resources are weed infested and left uncontrolled in this area. Aquatic weeds form serious problem; restrict access to fishing areas; reduce fish harvest, decreased usefulness, attractiveness and aesthetic values of a pond. This study implemented the integrated management approach for improved fish production and utilized the weeds to produce valuable fish protein by stocking grass carp, a herbivorous, exotic fresh water fish species of the family Cyprinidae, cultivated for food in China, and introduced to different countries for aquatic weed control. Grass carp consumed large quantities of small and marginal aquatic weeds, macrophytes including terrestrial grass. The subjects considered in this approach includes, weed utilization, fish age, stocking densities, phytoplankton, zooplankton, zoobenthos, and other fish species associated. Stocking rates vary depending on plant species, distribution, and density. When stocked in composite culture the number was reduced. Feeding was greatest when water temperatures are between 70° F and 80° F and negligible when water temperatures are less than 50° F. As an ideal aquatic plant management tool, the Grass carp provided cost effective control over weeds with great impact on farmer’s economy and no negative side effects on the farm, has yielded better results of 7.2 kg individual weight in 8months without additional feeding.