Rajendra Gujetiya

Govt.P.G.College, India

Title: Clinico pathological effects of pesticides exposure on farm workers


R.K.Gujetiya has completed his Ph.D in 2009 from Vikram University, Ujjain.M.P. In 2010, he was the Organizing Secretary for a National seminar held at Nimach. Presently he is the Prof& Head of the Department of Mathematics, at Govt.P.G.College, Nimach, and M.P. He has published more than 10 papers in reputed national and International journals .Presently he is engaged in research related in community health besides Mathematics.


The present study had been carried out to examine the acute symptoms of pesticide in the farm workers of three villages in Nagda tehsil of Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh. Workers of different age group work seasonally in soybean and other vegetable fields applying pesticides. In this study a total of 52 intensive agriculture workers were assessed twice during the course of a spraying season for changes in serum biochemistry (AST, ALT, and CK) and other biochemical parameters, such as markers of nephrotoxicity (urea, creatinine) . The results were compared with non sprayers of same age group who served as controls. A Significant decrease was observed in serum cholinesterase, and hematological parameters viz. Hb, Hct and RBC. Significant increase AST, ALT, was observed in exposed group when compared with control. These results provide support for a very slight impairment of the liver and renal function and indicate that pesticide sprayers working in farms are at the risk of developing serious health problems. Exposure of multiple pesticides for prolong period has also affected the health of exposed persons and produced dermatological, hepatic, nephritic, respiratory and other clinical disorders reflecting the toxic effects of pesticides. Our findings indicate that indiscriminate use of pesticides in farming environments must be regularly assessed and farm workers must be trained for safe use of pesticides.