Excessive fluoride concentrations have been reported in ground waters of more than 20 developed and developing countries around the world including India where 20 states are facing acute fluorosis problems. In this paper, the teeth of 152 school children (06 to 11yrs) of Govt. Primary school, Gandhoniya, Barkagaon, Hazaribag, and Jharkhand, India were surveyed and collected data were compared with Dean’s Index. The results clearly indicate that the most of them are suffering from dental fluorosis consequently creating a lot of problems such as poor health, endurance of dental abscesses, inability to chew food well, embarrassment about discoloured & damaged teeth and distraction from play & learning in the area. School based oral health check-up programme be organised regularly for awarness of general mass. It should include screening, referral and case management to ensure the timely receipt of oral health care from health professionals in the community.

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