Rajib Deb

Rajib Deb

Central Institute for Research on Cattle (ICAR), India

Title: Molecular characterization and identification of SNP at promoter region of bovine ITGB6 receptor gene


Rajib Deb, working as a Scientist under Indian council of agricultural Research, India. Presently he is working on cellular thermo tolerance genes of cattle and their implication for selecting genetically thermo resistant breeds. Besides these he is also involved in identification of biomarkers associated with improved male fertility traits in cattle.


Zebu (Bosindicus) cattle are known to be resistant against Foot and Mouth disease virus (FMDV) compare to taurine (Bostaurus). To understand the different susceptibility against FMDV between the two cattle species from the standpoint of viral receptors, the present study reports the characterization and sequence analysis of integrin, beta 6 (ITGB6) receptor of zebu cattle .The complete CDS of zebu ITGB6 was 2367 basepair in length with 788 amino acid residues. The zebu integrin share common structural and functional elements with taurine and other species. We identified that, three amino substitution presents in ITGB6 gene among zebu and taurine. These preliminary findings may be interesting to understand the difference of ITGB6 as FMDV receptor among zebu and taurine species. Further, we also attempted to screen the presence of SNPs at ITGB6 promoter region among zebu and zebu x Taurus crosses and their associations with FMDV infectivity are ongoing.

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