Randy Shaw from Bureau of Reclamation, USA.


BGNDRF is a unique, federally-owned research facility located in Alamogordo, NM. Some of the technologies tested at this facility since its opening in 2007 are zero discharge desalination, electrodialysis reversal, pressure retarded osmosis, capacitive deionization, and solar distillation. The mission of BGNDRF is to conduct research for the development of: concentrate management solutions, renewable energy desalination hybrids, desalination technologies for produced waters and small-scale desalination systems. Additionally, BGNDRF's mission includes public outreach and education concerning desalination. The facility consists of a central research building located on 40 acres containing four brackish water wells, test areas, and evaporation ponds. There are several levels of testing service available to clients. Clients consist of universities, private sector companies, international companies, and other government agencies.

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