Ranjit Divakaran

Ranjit Divakaran

King Hamad University Hospital

Title: Ego and Humility-its role in medical practice


Dr Ranjit Divakaran did his BDS and MDS (Maxillofacial Surgery) from University of Kerala, India after which obtained Fellowship (FDS RCS) from the Royal College of surgeon of England. Served in different capacities in India, UnitedKingdom and theMiddle East. At Presentworkingas consultant at King Hamad University Hospital, Bahrain. Attended many workshops and seminars in different aspects of self-development and purposeful thinking. Delivered presentation and talks in related topics both in India and Middle East countries, not just to medical people, but also to students and home makers. Authored a book that was recently published titled “Algebra of Hope”.


Medical profession is considered the noblest of all professions for it serves humanity by relieving or reducing pain: and that forms its core value. It was undoubtedly this passion that drove the youths of the yester generations into this profession of care and cure. With the major sweep of technological developments and the competitive commercialization, like in every field, has there been a distortion in its values? Has there been a dilution of the human touch to it.The answer to this is definitely yes, but the cause is not external, but deep within us. Amongst the multitude of human attributes, ego along with its misplaced awareness and misdirected energy is the prominent cause for this unfortunate dimension. Equally unfortunate is that, this same ego prevents us from identifying the problem, like a disease manifestation that prevents diagnosis.Egoisin is said to be the natural anesthetic that deadens the pain of beinga fool .The antidote for this has been proven to be humility. How can we balance these two attributes that are extremely contradictory? This presentations attempts to explain how to harness the power of our ego and that of humility to become better doctors, better human beings and greater achievers.