Reem Dababneh

Reem Dababneh

Royal Medical Services

Title: Palmoplantar Keratodermas and Periodontitis


Dr Reem Dababneh received a D.D.S. from Aleppo University -Syria (1985), and a Master Degree in Periodontics from Bristol University- UK (1994). She is working in the Dental Department at King Husain Medical Center as a consultant in periodontics. All the experiences of Dr. Dababneh were at the Royal Medical Services as a member of the Ethical Committee, the editorial board of the medical Journal, and the professional training division. She has authored or coauthored 16 publications in peered journals and 23 scientific papers presented in local and international conferences. She was also a member of the Jordan Board in periodontics. The research interest of Dr. Dababneh was in plaque indices, dentine sensitivity, and periodontitis in children and young adults.


The palmoplantar keratodermas (PPK) include a heterogeneous group of disorders with overlapping clinical features. The main aspect of PKK group is thickening and hyperkeratosis of the palmar and plantar skin, which may be hereditary or acquired, and diffuse, focal, or punctuate. PPKs are further distinguished by their mode of inheritance and by the presence or absence of associated features. Periodontitis is one of the associated features that may present with PPK. The main syndrome that was reported in the periodontal literature and characterized by PPK and severe early onset periodontitis is Papillon-Lefévre syndrome (PLS). However, other syndromes were reported as a variant of PLS or as a partial expression of PLS or as un-known syndromes characterized by the same features of PPK and periodontitis. The aim of this presentation is to highlight the differences between these rare syndromes and how such differences may affect the overall management of the patient. Two clinical cases will be presented.

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