Rita Mahajan

Rita Mahajan

Divine Learning Unlimited, India

Title: Aura and Chakras : Subtle body


Rita Mahajan - Trained spiritual Scientist since 1991 practising, learning, experimenting and teaching the science of Transformation. Graduated from Bangalore University in commerce and a Diploma in Medical Lab.Technology, Certified in Personal Administration, Factory administration from IISc., Bangalore. Diverse educational background left her asking for more. Very ambitious she set up her own industry in 1987 manufacturing surgical instruments for Ophthalmology and distributing them world wide. Well known among the Medical fraternity for quality instruments. A multifaceted personality and well talented in human resources, relationships and management. Great motivator and empowering women and youth is her goal. Since 1991 her seeking has been towards more of spiritual truths that has taken her to places to learn under many masters. Most of them from NEW AGE THINKING spread across Australia to America. This new approach and knowledge has allowed her to explore and experience the simplicity and the commonality in the spiritual truths. She has determined to simplify and teach people what is possible to live a great life without much hassles. She has been practising AURA AND CHAKRA since 1991 more so since 2011 with the biosenor software. Wherein this systems enables her to see more clearly with color and details that which we cannot see in our naked eye. Rita Mahajan is trained clairvoyant and she reads every chakra and looks for the blocks if any and suggests methods to release them. This kind of reading has been first time done in the world. Her sessions are so unique, it leaves the clients baffled at the truth she speaks with the accuracy that which has occurred in their lives. The solutions are simplified and while session is in progress the client is already experiencing the empowerment. This enables the clients to go back in life more renewed and the results they produce after the reading are miraculous. There are more 1000 people who have benefitted out of this reading. The reason being. The chakras are primary to our existence and it is much more larger than we can imagine. By reading and releasing the blocks the chakras comes backs to normal and supplies all those energies needed for a natural healing. This puts the person back on track. There are several case studies being done on Cancer patients, diabetic, retinal damaged patients, skin diseases and childless couple etc., Each AURA/CHAKRA reading is as unique as our finger prints. Each different and yet the functionality of the chakras are the same. It connects us from our body to the universe. Our chakras and aura holds the secret of our life, happiness, joy, success, health everything. Every one has to do atleast once in their life a aura and chakra scan.


The Chakras & Aura is a part of our Culture in day to day living in our Country. It has been introduced to the west in a translation by the Englishman Arthur Avalon, in his book, "The Serpent Power"published in 1919. The texts: the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana written by an Indian pundit in 1577, and the Padaka-Pancaka, written in the 10th century, contain descriptions of the Chakras and related practices. There is also another 10th century text, called the Gorakshashatakam, which gives instructions for meditating on the Chakras. These texts form the primary basis of our understanding of Chakra theory and Kundalini yoga today. Chakras & Aura are believed to be part of the Vedas, an old written tradition in India . The Chakras described as energy centers of consciousness in the Yoga Upanishads (circa 600A.D.) and later in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (circa 200 B.C.) gives a complete document on chakras and aura and the methods to keep them balanced. The scientific base of YOGA is aura and chakras. Yoga is originally developed on the basis or the science of AURA AND CHAKRA to assist in keeping the Chakras in balance. Therefore keeping the body, mind, emotion of any human being in balance. These days, Yoga tends to be promoted as simply a physical activity in order to cater for the mass market appeal. It is commonly accepted that when an individual manages to ‘balance’ all Chakras they will obtain an innate understanding of the eternal absolute reality, and by doing so one becomes enlightened and akin to their own divinity. It holds the secret to keeping one’s body in perfect health, one’s emotions in a perfect balance and the mental state absolutely neutral. In this century due to the change of life style, the health issue of the physic and the mental and emotional suffering is very alarming. The stress caused due to the life style, work style, environment and the climatic changes, changing cultures, diverse interests, change in attitudes etc., has left people more confused as to what is best for them and which path to take. The AURA AND CHAKRA reading provides a simple method to go beyond the circumstances and leaves us more productive, stress free and healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This knowledge of the Chakras are spreading at an unprecedented level through YOGA TRADITION, aura readers, Alternate medicine Practitioners & healers. Any non invasive methods of managing our health is welcomed with the alarming medical bills shooting beyond any common man’s reach. The IT industry producing all kinds of soft ware to manage mundane things to the most complicated scientific data has given us an access to develop a software which can detect the subtle energy body surrounding a human being. This newly built software with the biosensor, camera has provided us an access to scan, see and understand that which we always believed existed yet did not have the abilities or the tools to prove it scientifically. This software gives us a clear report of how one’s AURA & chakras looks, What is their color, what is the size, what is the energy in each of the chakras and what shape and the size of their aura etc.,. Although the existence of the Chakras are accepted in the east it is not so readily recognized in the by the medical fraternity and the west. In fact it is not so uncommon to be greeted with a look of bewilderment at the very mention of the word, followed by utter scepticism and scorn when attempting to explain their purpose. This, in my opinion, is largely because the Chakras are mentioned in the Buddhist and Hindu religions which are popular in the east but are never mentioned by orthodox western religion, thus they are not part of our social psyche. At the same time, since it is a subtle and not visible to the naked eye not can be detected in the physical body, it is just negated as some mystery or non provable factor. This is a boon to any aura practitioner who is to depend on only their CLAIRVOYANCY abilities to look and detect yet did not have any scientific proof to substantiate what they were seeing is real. This program helps a healer or clairvoyance person to substantiate what they see in their mind’s eye is recordable and provable. This program has altered the very premise of the approach to the root cause of any problem.

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