Rob W. Hutchison

Rob W. Hutchison

Texas A&M University System, USA

Title: Pain management, reducing pain, avoiding adverse events, and reducing diversion


Rob W. Hutchison has served as principle investigator of several research studies including hypertension, diabetes, capnography monitoring in the post operative setting, opioid induced adverse events, and logistics of patient controlled analgesia. Currently he an Associate Professor with the Texas A&M College of Pharmacy. He has published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and serves as an editorial board member of a pain management journal. He is a board certified clinical pharmacist in ambulatory care.


Pain management has been implemented as the 5th vital sign. There are various pharmacotherapy approaches as well as nonpharmacological methods to alleviate pain. The objectives of this one hour presentation will be to review various pain management modalities and provide solutions to common problems. Since U.S. Congress declared 2000 - 2010 the decade of pain management, the number of accidental deaths from opioids has sky rocketed. It's the biggest man-made epidemic in the United States. In general there are many problems so intransigent in clinical pharmacy that we may never come to complete resolve. But with accidental deaths due to prescription drugs, however, clinical pharmacists have an opportunity to improve the problem.

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