Robert Talbot

Robert Talbot

University of Houston

Title: Atmospheric Mercury: Are we measuring it correctly?


Robert Talbot obtained his MS and PhD from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is an ISI Highly-Cited Researcher with more than 250 publications and an h-index = 64. He is Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Director of the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science at the University of Houston.


In this presentation the author will summarize the various analytical techniques for measuring atmospheric elemental mercury (HgO) that were utilized in the past and in present-day research. This will include both ground-based and airborne platforms. The toughest one of all is gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM), of which, the chemical forms in the atmosphere are unknown. Despite this, many scientists have published work on GOM, but how useful is it? The author’s group has worked on particulate mercury (HgP) in marine and continental atmospheres, but measurements of HgP have not been attempted from an airborne platform.

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