Robert W. Mullaly

Robert W. Mullaly

National Childhood Obesity Foundation, Inc., USA

Title: N.C.O.F 2007-2012 health survey results


Robert W. Mullaly currently serves as the Board of Trustees Chairperson and corporate co-founder of the National Childhood Obesity Foundation, Inc. He is founder and CEO of Mullaly & Associates where his consultations have included Revere Public High Schools, Chelsea Public High Schools, Special Education Department of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, General Electric (Aircraft Engines), New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans, the University of Massachusetts Disability Determination Services, and numerous other public and private schools. His expertise extends to chemical dependency, where his experience has included serving as Clinical Director for the N.E.A.D.S. Corporation, as Clinical Psychologist for Spoford Hall, NH. He is the author of numerous books and professional articles in the areas of chemical dependency and schizophrenia. He has served as an adjunct professor and Clinical Assistant Professor for Psychology Departments at Northeastern University, Endicott College, Virginia Tech, and the University of Alabama Medical School. He is Board Certified and Licensed in the state of Massachusetts. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tennessee, and a B.A. degree in Psychology from Northeastern University.


N.C.O.F® was created for the general purpose of proactively developing, uniting, integrating, targeting, and communicating a positive ecologically and scientifically based health care empowerment nutrition and physical activity education intervention program message to those directly and indirectly affected by the national obesity epidemic. Such interventions when introduced and reinforced with some frequency to the pre-K and K-6 audiences and their gatekeepers (parents/guardians) will induce healthier eating and physical activity habits which in-turn will eliminate or greatly reduce the need or frequency for expensive healthcare medicines and their severe side effects (causational or premature development of type-2 diabetes; pancreatic, colon, breast, and other known cancers; heart-disease; hypertension; stroke; dementia; schizophrenia; sleep apnea; chronic diseases; kidney stones; arthritis; etc.), high -risk weight reduction surgery, or worse early mortality. Furthermore, the process of reducing the incidence or need for medical interventions through pharmacology or other environmentally unfriendly means will greatly green the environment with the reduction in the manufacture and disposal of medical waste and by-products. More specifically, N.C.O.F® has devised a twenty-four (24) question survey targeting gate-keepers of children (parents, grandparents, teachers, healthcare professionals, etc.) on its website. To collect key data on the attitudinal perspectives of gatekeepers to better understand the root issues involving childrens and gatekeepers attitudes towards healthy nutrition and physical activity. Current survey results have been collected over a five year period from over 120,000 survey participants. The results will be discussed in the presentation.

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