Roger S. Klotz obtained his degree in pharmacy at the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy in Chicago. He is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration at Western University of Health Science in Pomona, CA. Western University of Health Sciences require that all students in the 9 healthcare professional colleges successful complete the Inter-professional Education curriculum. Professor Klotz has published 82 pre-reviewed papers and contributed to 9 textbooks. Professor Klotz has provided anticoagulation services to patients referred by their physician since July 2009


The CDC recent study evaluating the number of Americans with hypertension found that 57% of these patients did not achieve their blood pressure goal. The CDC in cooperation with the Health and Human Services created the “Million Hearts” web site. The site provides information to patients and has a section for pharmacists which explains the program and provides information. Pharmacists wanting to become Partners can go to . In support of this campaign the authors have jointly developed a Protocol for the CHC study and have submitted the protocol to the Institutional Research Board of Western University of Health Sciences. Western University of Health Sciences Pharmacist and Physician have joined together to develop a Collaborative Hypertension Clinic in the University’s Patient Care Center. The collaborating pharmacist and physician have jointly developed a protocol to allow for data collection in patients referred by their primary care physician because they have not obtained the desired blood pressure goal. The data collection is planned to allow for the assessment of therapy managed by the pharmacists involved in the clinic. The pharmacists will evaluate the therapy of each patient referred and will then recommend changes to the patients medication therapy. The referring physician will be notified in writing via the common electronic medical record regarding the changes to the patient’s therapy. The CHC will follow each referred patient on an regular basis to determine the impact of the therapy changes and the patient’s ongoing outcomes. The CHC pharmacists will access each patient’s total therapy (prescription, OTC, and Herbal medications) to determine the required changes to improve control of the patient’s blood pressure.