S K Dhattarwal

S K Dhattarwal


Title: Work of a forensic anthropologist


Dr. S.K. Dhattarwal completed his MD Forensic Medicine from PGIMS, Rohtak in year 1987. He is the Sr. Professor and Head of Department of Forensic Medicine, Pt B. D. Sharma, PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana, India. He is Medico-legal Advisor to Govt. of Haryana, India. He has published more than 27 papers in International Journal and 79 in National Journal. He has attended large number of International and National Conferences. He is member of many professional/medical organizations. He is President of Indian Medical Association, Haryana. He is associate Editor in Medico-legal Update – An International Journal and Editor, Haryana Medical Journal. He has recently contributed a Chapter on Disaster Management in book by Gautam Biswas.


Forensic anthropology is a specialized branch of physical anthropology, which deals with the medico-legal investigation. This branch of science grew out of need for skeletal & anatomic expertise in criminal investigations. Forensic anthropologists are often called upon by law enforcement agencies to assist in the identification & assessment of severely decomposed or skeletonized human remains. Such experts have vast knowledge of normal and variations in human skeleton, which they apply in their work to obtain reasonable and scientific conclusions. The main focus of a forensic anthropologist is to assess crime scenes, skeletal remains, develop a biological profile, compile supportive documentation and testify in the provincial and federal courts. Their knowledge of the human body contributes to the outcome of a death investigation by providing law enforcement agencies with expert opinions & conclusions, which ultimately aid in solving any given case. Although a large majority of forensic anthropologists are affiliated with educational institutes and universities, their need in the law enforcement agencies is unquestionable.

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