S. R. Vaishampayan

S. R. Vaishampayan

Virar Homoeopathic Medical College, India

Title: Role of homoeopathy in female hypothyroid cases


Dr. S. R. Vaishampayan MD [HOM] is currently working as Associate Professor at VHMC Homoeopathic medical college Virar [ Maharashtra]. He is teaching for last 12 yrs. 6 months and has worked as an examiner in various institutes across Maharashtra and also worked as paper setter and moderator for Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He has a successful clinical practice of 13 yrs 6months. He has vast number successful cases specially in atopic asthma, female hypothyroid and PCOD. He is also a successful writer and founder member of pavement publishers a publishing movement recognized across the globe.


Hypothyroid in female aetio- pathology and clinical presentation. Giving brief information about clinical presentations and specially in female patients. Allopathic or Modern medicinal management of hypothyroid disorders ,medicines , approach and their scope and limitations. Homoeopathic concept of disease with special emphasis on Thyroid disorders. With Hahnemannian concept and its universal adaptability and validity in today’s era. Case taking and data collection according to homoeopathic point of view. Getting information about man behind the disease and its advantages over allopathic mode. Prescribing according to homoeopathic Point of view. Concept of totality and indicated medicines mode of repetition and administration specially in female hypothyroid. Role of obstacles to cure including socio economic cultural background and concepts of miasms in homoeopathic treatment. Criterion for follow up in females. With indications about recovery of patients. Role of various medicines like constitutional, intercurrent , sarcodes and bio chemic medicines2 cured cases in brief according to the proposed mode of management with reports before and after indicating approximate time taken for the same. Tabulated chart about the TSH .T3 T4 levels indicating approximate time taken for total recovery. Role of counseling and auxiliary management in female hypothyroid according to homoeopathic and modern methodology. How hypothyroid is on the rise in today’s modern world Role of Family members and their counseling. Conclusion proposing a complete management system for female hypothyroid by homoeopathy highlighting it’s benefits over modern medicine.

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